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The MeTAcOs Project “Trattamento delle amputazioni mediante osteointegrazione” stems from the need to offer people with limb amputation a treatment solution alternative to the traditional prosthetic  one with socket.

The study concerns the technique of osseointegration which consists of inserting a titanium pin into the bone of the amputated limb. A removable external prosthesis will then be connected to the implant section that protrudes from the soft parts.

The benefits of using an osseointegrated prosthesis are the improved sensory feedback (osteoperception) and absence of the socket. This leads to better anchoring of the prosthesis to the abutment, greater control of the prosthesis and the absence of heat, pain, and pressure sores.

The osseointegrated prosthesis does not reduce the mobility of the limb and promotes good growth of bone and muscle mass.

The project aims to implement the osseointegrative technique with larger segments of both the upper and lower limb.