The project “Trattamento delle amputazioni mediante osteointegrazione” (MeTACOs) was born from the need to bring in Italy a prosthetic solution, for limb amputees, alternative to the traditional one. Nowadays, amputees are treated by the use of prosthetic devices connected to the stump through a socket.

The socket involves some problems in patients, especially dermatologic, related to sensitivity and skin temperature, often creating an environment favorable to the development of bacteria. In addition to these, there are motor and functional limitations such as a decrease in limb movement range and wearability.

The prosthetic system proposed by this project aims precisely to eliminate these problems and provide the patient with a device directly connected to the residual bone, allowing him to carry out normal activities of daily life in the most natural way possible. Using the process of osteointegration, this type of prosthesis, in fact, gives greater stability and freedom of movement, improving the quality of life of the amputee.